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Embroidery Services & Charges 

Unless otherwise noted, all of our products include Customary Embroidery (please see description below). Local customers are welcome to bring their items in to be embroidered.  There is a minimum charge of $10 per item for customary embroidery.  Additional charges may apply depending on the size and type of the design, stitch count, hooping difficulty & number of hoopings required - please see descriptions below.


   Item Carried by The Embroidered Touch Item brought in by customer  Additional Notes

Customary Embroidery 

(<10,000 stitches & requires 1 hooping)

Unless otherwise noted, customary embroidery is included in the price of the item


(Design with less than 10,000 stitches)


 See "Oversized designs" for designs with more than 10,000 stitches.

Applique Designs

Add $2- $6 Add $2- $6  $2 for up to 3 fabric cuts.  $4 for 4 to 5 fabric cuts.  $6 for 6 or more fabric cuts.

Oversize Designs (designs with >10,000 stitches)

Add $1 per 1000 stitches Add $1 per 1000 stitches  

Birth Announcement (Subway Art Tile)

Customary Embroidery PLUS Oversize Design charge (unless otherwise noted) Customary Embroidery PLUS Oversize Design charge Example: a 5x5 inch tile has ~ 19,000 stitches

Full Chest Designs  (Charge for oversize design may also apply)

Add $6 

(Charge for Oversize design may also apply)

Add $6

(Charge for Oversize design may also apply)

Example:  The word "BELIEVE" or super large 3 letter monogram across full span of sweatshirt.  


Multiple hoopings  (Charge for oversize design may also apply)


Add $10 / hooping Add $10 / hooping Example: "Emily Smith" in 4 inch tall letters will not fit in one hooping. Emily & Smith each require individual hooping
Logo with Drop Names (different names or titles on shirts)

Name below logo- add $4

Name on opposite side - add $10

Name below logo - $4

Name on opposite side - add $10

Player names below logo (add $4).  

Title or name of left chest. Logo on right chest. (Add $10)

Caps / Hats Posted on item  $10  
Match font (from another embroiderer)  $5 extra $5 extra Example: Match font on customer's existing stocking



Unless otherwise noted, all of our products include "Customary Embroidery" (monogramming, name, or name & design involving a single hooping).  

Customary Embroidery is defined as monogramming or embroidery designs under 10,000 stitches requiring only 1 hooping.  Examples of customary embroidery are left chest logos, single designs, 1-3 initial monograms. 

Please see below for the cost of drop names to logo.  



Designs with over 10,000 stitches are defined as "Oversized designs". These designs are stitch intensive and take more time to sew.  For this reason, oversized designs will be charged an additional $1 for every 1,000 stitches over the first 10,000 stitches.  For example, a design containing 18,000 stitches will cost $14 to be embroidered ($6 for the first 10,000 stitches and $8 for the additional 8,000 stitches).  Starting price for customers bringing their own articles is $8; price will vary depending on hooping difficulty & design stitch count.     

Full chest designs (which are typically very stitch intensive) are more challenging to embroider, require special attention & almost constant supervision to ensure successful sewouts.  All full chest designs have a minimum fee of $12 for embroidery. 



Due to the additional work involved in sewing an appliqué design and fabric cost, all appliqué designs will be charged an additional $2 per design.   



Embroidery requiring multiple hoopings or panels will be charged $6 per hooping.  An example would be a very large design that does not fit in the embroidery hoop and must be sewn in sections.  Another example is adding a name or title on the right chest of a shirt & the company logo on the left chest.  


LOGO and DROP NAMES (multiple employees' or players' names)

The addition of individual names and/or titles BELOW the company logo or team mascot - $10 per shirt.  *If the name on all shirts will be the same, the cost will be the customary charge. 

The addition of names or titles on the opposite chest from the company logo will be charged $6.  

Example 1:  If you want your company logo on the left side with your employees' names (and/or titles) below the logo, the total cost per shirt will be $10.

Example 2:  If you would like the logo on the left chest, and your employees' names (and/or titles) on the right chest, the total cost per shirt will be $12.  

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