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Digitizing is the art of converting a graphic into an embroidery design.  

If you would like to have your design converted into an embroidery design, please send me a copy of your image in a HIGH quality JPG or WMF file,  and I will be happy to give you an estimate.  Please note:  I cannot digitize copyrighted material.  Additionally, I will require approval for clubs and company logos.  

I will also require the following information:

  • Finished size of design (left chest size, jacket back, etc.)
  • What the design will be sewn onto (towel, fleece, canvas, pique shirt, etc.).  The digitizing technique varies depending on what fabric the design will be sewn onto.     

Minimum charge is $45.  Final cost is based on the amount of detail and the complexity of the design. If I find that the design is extremely simple to complete, I will wave the minimum fee and charge a lower price. 


Samples of digitizing projects: 

College Art project (pillow designs)

Close up of pillow designs


Full Back Design

Full back design for surveyor vest



Design adapted for grocery tote


Jacket back design



A poem

Turn your child's drawing turned into an embroidery design!  


Family golf



Create kitchen towel to match your wallpaper!


Redigitized design for cap .... 


and edited again for smaller embroidery field














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