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Satin, AutoSplit & Tatami Fill

The difference between a Satin and Tatami Fill Stitch is the number of needle penetrations that is required to cover a certain area. Satin stitches are typically used in monograms and the overall effect is beautiful and very elegant.

There are limitations to using this satin stitches however.  If the area or column width is very wide (more than 7-8mm), the satin stitches lose their attractiveness and can be easily snagged by rings, finger nails and other objects that might rub against it. Multiple washings also damages and weakens the stitches.

For these reasons, we recommend using a Satin Auto split fill or a Tatami Fill stitch when embroidering wide columns.  In both cases, the angle of the stitches still follow the angle in the design, however, due to the more abundant thread coverage, the stitches will not get snagged or damaged as easily.

Here are examples of the different stitch types:

SATIN STITCH: When the column width becomes too wide (such as in the B), the thread can be easily snagged and the monogram quickly loses its elegant look!


SATIN AUTO SPLIT:  In these examples, the wider sections of the columns have additional stitch penetrations, while maintaining satin stitches in the narrower areas.  You still have the 'satiny' look but with the added benefit of stability, thereby reducing the chances of snagging.    




TATAMI FILL:  Here you can see how the B looks with a tatami fill with multiple stitch penetrations throughout the width of the columns.  The letters are beautiful, but one doesn't have to worry about snagging the thread!  This application is great for wide areas such as this letter or for use on very large monograms (shower curtains for example). 

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